Jetpack Perth

Tours Rockingham

Have you ever dreamed of jetpack flight? Flying through the air, hovering high above the world below. Finally water Jetpack has arrived to WA.


JetPack Perth is the WA's first coastal Jet pack experience. Based in Rockingham Beach our Professional Instructors offer Jetpack training for you to get to grips with this ultimate water Jetpack.

The Jetpack is propelled by a water jet connected to Jet ski (PWC). This provides underwater propulsion and flights of up to 10 metres high for the Jetpack Rider.

Map & Directions


Corner of Rockingham Beach Road & Wanliss Street, Rockingham WA 6169


Bell Park, Rockingham Beach.
The beach carpark is located at the corner of Rockingham Beach Road and Wanliss Street, Rockingham.