Cape Peron


CAPE PERON (Point Peron)
Location: Parking at end of Point Peron Road
Depth: 3-7 metres

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Cape Peron (also known as Point Peron), in the Rockingham Lakes Regional Park, is a headland located at the southern end of Cockburn Sound and forms the northern boundary of the Shoalwater Marine Park. The cape is named after the French naturalist Francois Peron who accompanied Baudin on his epic voyage of discovery around Australia in 1801.

Point Peron is one of the best shore dive or snorkelling sites in the Perth metropolitan area. You can reach the site from the beach at Long Reach.

Sea urchins and sea anemones shelter in the seagrass near shore. Other inhabitants of the shallow sandy areas include turban shells, plump sea stars and spider crabs. As you swim out to the fringing reef you will discover schools of fish such as whiting and baitfish.

Point Peron and Mushroom Rocks are ideal snorkelling sites as the limestone has been carved into numerous overhangs, small caves and swim throughs very close to shore in a maximum depth of five meters. Colourful sponges, sea squirts, feather stars, lacy bryozoans and hard corals can be found clinging to the limestone.

Situated about 150 meters off shore from Long Reach beach you will find a reef more suited of the SCUBA diver. The underwater features lie in water up to seven meters deep. Here the swim throughs are bigger and the caves deeper. Old wives, various wrasse and red-lipped morwong are relatively common.

Point Peron also has a great WALK TRAIL. You will discover the remnants of one of the Second World War coastal batteries that were built to defend the approach to Garden Island and Fremantle. There is also an observation post on the highest point of the cape, which has views out over Cockburn Sound, Garden Island, Penguin Island and Seal Island.

Map & Directions


Point Peron Road, Rockingham WA 6168