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Australasian Diving Academy (ADA) was established by a group of diving industry leaders with the aim of becoming Perth's most professional diver training and retail academy. Using only the best instructors, the latest educational tools and supplying the most up to date equipment, we have become a multi award winning facility.

Let us start your journey into the underwater realm today.

Not only do we have 3 convenient locations, we also give you the choice of training options - the well known Open Water and the Open Water Adventure. These courses are available in full time or part-time timetables and are fully government accredited and internationally recognized.

The minimum age to learn to dive is 12 years old. From the age of 12 - 15 you receive a Junior Diver certification and must dive with a certified diver over the age of 18 years. From age 15 years, the normal Open Water Certification applies. There is no maximum age limit!

Our company can accommodate all your underwater requirements including - Try Dives - Dive Courses - Air Fills - Rottnest Dives - Refresher Courses - Hire Gear - Equipment Sales and Wreck Trail Dives

Come and experience the wonders of the underwater world now with Australasian Diving Academy

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43 Rockingham Beach Road, Rockingham WA 6168


Our Rockingham Outlet is situated at 43 Rockingham Beach Road opposite Churchill Park